About Eye Co.

Eye Co. provides the highest quality, compassionate optometrist care to ensure your family enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life.

About Us

Eye Co. is a full-service eye health and vision care provider, accepting scheduled appointments and eye emergencies. Services we offer, but not limited to, include primary eye care, dry eye therapy, ocular disease management, medical and surgical co-management, pediatric eye exams, emergency eyecare services, contact lens evaluation, and eyewear customization. Our optique consists of independent frame lines to ensure your spectacles match your unique personality.

Our Eye Co. Guarantee: Here at Eye Co., we want you to Love Your Eyes! If you do not love your eyeglasses, please let us know! We offer a 30-day, Love Your Eyes Promise where we will recheck your prescription, remake your lenses, and/or restyle your frames – whatever you may need to #LoveYourEyes! (Customized frames, opened contact lens supplies, and/or services are nonrefundable and/or nonexchangeable.) Non-prescription sunglasses or other unopened merchandise may be exchanged or returned for store credit within 7 days of purchase. 

To give our patients the eye care they deserve and not what their medical insurances or discount vision plans dictate they can have, we at Eye Co. have cut out the middleman by offering concierge level services. As an open network practice, we are not confined to the rules or restrictions of any medical insurance or discount vision policy. As a result, we can offer services and products that otherwise would not be covered under such policies, provide quality care without undermining the patient’s best interest, diligently select the labs we want to work with to ensure that all patients get the services and materials that they deserve for their eyes. 

We are a proponent of the Direct Care model, which aims to improve healthcare by putting doctors and patients back together and no longer separated by the insurance company. By eliminating the barriers between the doctor and patient, all the associated costs are also eliminated so that we can focus on the quality of care. 

When healthcare offices are contracted with medical insurance or discount vision plan companies, prices for care are artificially inflated to compensate for providers only receiving a percentage, which in most cases, is a small percentage back from these companies as reimbursement. Providers will often offer additional necessary testing and/or products to help compensate for low reimbursements. However, those are not always covered by the patient’s policy, increasing the out-of-pocket cost to the patient. Instead of changing how we practice eye care to align with what these medical and discount vision plans deem as necessary, the Direct Care model allows us to practice what we see as essential care - doing what is the best for the health and well-being of the patient. 

Under the Direct Care model, all patients are welcome, regardless of what medical or discount plan you may or may not have! For those with out-of-network medical or vision coverage, we are still able to provide the appropriate documents that you would need to submit for reimbursement under your policy limits. You may always use your flexible spending pre-tax dollars, such as FSA (Flex Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account). 

Healthcare plus insurance makes for one unpredictable and expensive combination. We take away the uncertainty with our Direct Care model by simplifying eye care for you without sacrificing the quality of care. 

It is your health, so do not let an insurance company tell you how to best care for yourself!

It is your money, so do not let an insurance company tell you how to spend it!

No Show-Cancellation Policy: Life happens and sometimes we need to cancel and reschedule our appointments. However, we do need a heads up because cancellations cost us valuable resources, which is why we established a no show-cancellation policy and subsequent fees. Everyone’s time is valuable and to ensure we allow enough time for your appointment(s), we request a $40 appointment reservation fee that may be applied towards your services/product purchases. 

Each appointment made is time reserved for you and the doctor, to ensure all your questions are answered, eye care needs are met, and you understand everything clearly. This is your time, your examination, and your health. So, we ask that you give us at least a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment to make sure we can maximize our availability for all our patients. Cancellations or rescheduling made less than 24 hours prior to your appointment will incur a nonrefundable $40 fee. 

If you no show-no call (meaning you do not call to cancel or reschedule at all or you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment), you will be charged a greater fee of $55. However, you may earn back the money charged from the no show-no call fees on any in-store purchases made within 30 days of the no show-no call occurrence. For example, if you no show-no call to your appointment on January 1st, you incur a charge of $55 to be paid to Eye Co. as soon as possible. If you reschedule your appointment and make an in-store purchase by January 31st, you can apply the previously charged $55 no show-no call fee toward your new purchase. 

After three no show occurrences, you are no longer allowed to schedule appointments. You must be a walk/work-in patient. When you want to be seen by the doctor, you must simply show up when you are available, and we will try to work you into the schedule that day. After three walk/work-in appointments, you will regain your privilege to schedule appointments ahead of time once again. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

So you just scheduled your comprehensive eye examination with Dr. Natalie Nguyen or you are thinking about it…now what? The following is what you can plan to expect from a visit at Eye Co.

Here is the general schedule of an eye examination appointment:

1. Check-in procedure

2. Entry paperwork in the reception area 

3. Your eye examination, which includes:

· Your reserved time with the doctor to address all concerns throughout your appointment.

· Preliminary entrance level testing

· No “air puff” test

· Visual field test

· Tear and lid structure analysis 

· Wellness scan and photos of the back of your eyes

· Visual acuity test and prescription determination

· Dilation and retina evaluation

4. Contact lens evaluation

· If you already wear or are looking to wear contact lenses, Dr. Nguyen will also do a contact lens evaluation in which different measurements of the eyes are taken to find the best fit, comfort, and clearest vision for you. This will also include a training session if you are new to contact lens wear.

5. Optical and Beauty Boutique

· Sip on a beverage of your choice as you shop our eyewear selection that were handpicked by the doctor herself. As you shop, you will find many unique features from these independent frame lines including customizable frames, sustainable frames, and frames made from different parts of the world.

· Additional products such as We Love Eyes cleansers, Moist Heat Eye Compress masks, Twenty / Twenty cosmetics, and dry eye drops and supplements. 

6. Billing and Check Out

· A la carte or Eye Co. payment options

· Ask for itemized receipts if necessary

· Schedule any necessary follow-up appointments

Come for the experience, stay for our services.